The Benefits of Meal Planning

I have tried so many times… I have made a plan. I searched for recipes. I checked new methods that I believed in. I scheduled my workout. But nothing worked.

Then my best friend invited me to her wedding and boom! This was it. The moment. I knew I need to stick to it.

I would like to be in good shape and buy a nice dress. I was never fancy of super girly dresses and stuff like that. But now – I don’t know why – I want it. 🙂 Continue reading

How to make a meal plan

I had always struggled to plan what to cook and eat. Usually, I ended up eating junk or some takeaway, when I was busy and I didn’t have time to go shopping and cooking before I started starving.

This has been changed since my friend helped me only 1-week plan! I was really motivated (with some other personal reason) and realized it doesn’t take much time to plan and organize everything for a weekly plan. Actually, believe it or not, it is even easier than find out what to eat tomorrow. Continue reading

Getting fit

I recommended an app a few weeks ago, with which you are able to track your food, exercise and also, gives you recipes and successfully losing weight stories.

Now, I have another app to suggest. This one is free with the same options! I love both of them, but why not we use a free version if it is as good enough as the previous one. 😉

Let me introduce you Yazio then. Continue reading

Weight Watchers – keep your progress on track

The following app was recommended by a really good friend who has lost a few kilos to using it. After 3 months of free trial, I am really a fan of it.

Weight Watchers has a diary, workout plans, recipes, statistic of your progress, videos, tips, and much other useful stuff. The basic and main things are free to use, but you can upgrade your account anytime and have an access to success stories and meal plan too. Continue reading

Lift up your motivation

Another week has been started. I wish I had another weekend! But we always have something to work on – we should be happy about it!

I always try to boost Monday with motivational ideas, I hope you enjoy them. My tip for today relates to a daily workout.


Make your workouts funnier than used to be and avoid boredom! Continue reading