Does time anxiety exist?


does time anxiety exist

It actually does and you can give a meaning to it such as ‘is it too late’? This type of anxiety is the fear of wasting your time, not using your potential, or feeling it is too late to start something new.

I was talking to a friend the other day and what else could have been the main topic – of course – other than the coronavirus. We were sharing feelings about it and how we are copying in this unusual situation. Continue reading

How to think ahead

Next week I am going on a well-deserved holiday to Prague.  I have never been there before so I am really excited about the city. I heard it is similar to Budapest, which is my favourite city in my country so I cannot wait to see with my own eyes.

I like to prepare my holidays/programs in advance to be sure everything matches. Continue reading

The Benefits of Meal Planning

I have tried so many times… I have made a plan. I searched for recipes. I checked new methods that I believed in. I scheduled my workout. But nothing worked.

Then my best friend invited me to her wedding and boom! This was it. The moment. I knew I need to stick to it.

I would like to be in good shape and buy a nice dress. I was never fancy of super girly dresses and stuff like that. But now – I don’t know why – I want it. 🙂 Continue reading

How to make a meal plan

I had always struggled to plan what to cook and eat. Usually, I ended up eating junk or some takeaway, when I was busy and I didn’t have time to go shopping and cooking before I started starving.

This has been changed since my friend helped me only 1-week plan! I was really motivated (with some other personal reason) and realized it doesn’t take much time to plan and organize everything for a weekly plan. Actually, believe it or not, it is even easier than find out what to eat tomorrow. Continue reading