Find every day’s purpose

each day has its purpose

Usually, I wake up with a “let’s-do-it” attitude and carry on task from my to-do list. I am very satisfied when I can tick off something from my never-ending list.

One of the days in the middle of the lockdown (who knows which week or day was it…) I had a day when I woke up with a fed-up feeling. I felt like ah… it is a new day. What shall I do today? I felt like this day will be exactly the same as many others before. Cooking, exercising, studying, watching series, blogging – just to name a few. I was not in a mood to do anything super productive. Instead, I was scrolling my Insta, making comments and listening to music and just singing. Thankfully, nobody was a witness to my voice. 😀 Continue reading

Forget about how busy we are for a moment

how busy are our lives

How busy are our lives?

I have been sitting at home for 9 weeks now. It shows me how important to spend more time with family and friends when there is no virus around and we get our lives back.

But these weeks are teaching me something else too. It also shows how I forget to appreciate moments. I was going to lose my mind just staying at home at some point. I understood the reason and kept this rule as long as I had to but still had better and worse days to accept it. Continue reading

Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco

I have never been out of Europe so planning a trip to Morocco was totally new to me and absolutely exciting as well. I didn’t really know what to expect. I read a lot of blogs and reviews, even ordered a travel book to be ready for this new adventure…

This holiday was decided and planned very quickly… I had a chat with my friend who wanted to go there but was not sure with who and when. I told her that I have been playing with a thought to go there as well and that’s how it started… Continue reading

Weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon

This year I decided to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday with a weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon. We have never been there before and I found a good deal to use Wowcher, so I gave it a go!

My plan was to let him know about this journey just before the weekend, but I needed to be sure he is free on those days so I told him beforehand, but it was still a great present for him! We were excited about this short vacation, especially because we had only a few days off together lately and looking forward to spending more time together and just relax.

Continue reading

Winter Wonderland – twice this year

It’s cold, it’s crowded, it’s not the cheapest winter program to do but still… once during the winter season, you have to go to Winter Wonderland.

This year I had been there twice – Am I going to be a fan? Hm… haven’t decided yet but it could be really fun visiting it with a friend. At least it’s a chance to hang out together for a few hours and do something different. Continue reading

3 days in Manchester

Machester reviewMy boyfriend got a new job and he has one week of training in Manchester. We have never been there so we decided to explore the city for a weekend. He left London on Monday morning and I joined him on Friday morning.

I got a train at Euston Station and 2 hours later I was sitting at Caffe Nero at the corner of the Piccadilly Station, sipping my English Breakfast tea and waiting for him to finish his final exam.

The first thing I have realized how cold it was. Even though, I had my winter coat and boots I was freezing. It was not Manchester’s fault, but I identified winter is here. Continue reading

How a big city changes you

how a big city can change you

This subject sneaked in my mind when I was exploring Prague in the middle of summer. I started to think about how much I have changed since I moved to London. Despite being happy for all of the good alterations that I can recall, there are a few spots that surprised me.

People are kind. It sounds ridiculous but I tend to forget that people are kind and helpful as they were in Prague and in Cyprus (review part 2) as well. I was not afraid to ask information in return to get a look or a half answer where in the end you are the one who feels ashamed to bother others. People were thoughtful enough to offer some help when they saw we struggled with something. Continue reading

6 amazing days in Cyprus – part 2

Cyprus Ayia Napa

Let’s finish the journey in Cyprus then. The first part of the post is here.

On Saturday, we went to Ayia Napa, where tried Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay. Both of them were great but we preferred the first one! In every beach in Larnaca you can rent a sunbed with an umbrella. A set (2 beds, 1 umbrella) was £7.5 which was reasonable for 4 of us. We were in the sea anyway so didn’t lie on it at the same time. The water was crystal clear and warm, the beer was cold ;), the sun and sand were hot and palm trees are big. Continue reading

6 amazing days in Cyprus

Cyprus Larnaca

Larnaca at night

I had mixed feelings about this holiday. I went to Cyprus with my boyfriend and his family. Traveling with family is not always the easiest thing to do. I bought a new book just in case to have time for myself when things are too much, but apart from the flight, I didn’t touch it.

My day was – ah, as usual… – a rush. I had been working only a few hours in the morning but I had to finish a thousand important tasks. Finally, the clock turned to 12pm and I got my bags and rushed to the airport. Of course, it was a problem with a tube so my nerves were not in the right place… It didn’t matter after all, because I got to the train station on time where my boyfriend waited for me with a cup of coffee in his hands! He knows me…. I don’t want to bore you, so just skip the part of the flight. It is enough to know that everything was smooth and we landed in Larnaca in one piece. I could take a deep breath and let myself to be relaxed. Continue reading

Three weeks break – craziness around

3 weeks break

I need a break. I never let myself lie down and take a break. I would feel guilty. But now…

The last few months were a lot. I was looking for a new staff – actually two; going through hundreds of CVs, making phone calls, organizing interviews… My co-worker went on holiday, so I covered her shifts and ended up working 12 days in a row. I still had to do some shopping for the coming holiday a few days before the departure. I have started shopping 3 months ago just to avoid exactly the same situation such as finding a dress and shoes at the last minute, but it didn’t happen somehow. One of my friends told me a long time ago, I like adrenalin and last minutes feelings. I don’t. Trust me. But sometimes I feel she is right, tho. Continue reading