Lovely idea to reduce your food waste – too good to go

I definitely don’t like to throw away food. Probably, because I was taught this way. Also, because there are many children and grown up in different countries – small or big – who are not lucky enough to get food every day. They are happy to have whatever and whenever they get.

That’s why I was happy to find this lovely idea (and app) – Too good to go Continue reading

Spending money

Spending money on things that give you and your family and friends great memories are always worth it. Buying stuff for you is always satisfied. We have only one life, we should enjoy it and we should get as much experience as we can get. I am not saying that you cannot have a great time for free, but don`t feel guilty when you spend money for yourself. 😉

Usually, I am not worried too much about money as long as I have enough for my monthly expenses. However, I tried to reduce my expenses when I did not have a job, so I felt less guilty of sitting at home all the time. 😀 Continue reading

No rush

After a couple of weeks without a job, I started to be annoyed and frustrated. I wanted to make the process faster, but it was something I didn’t have the power to do it. I was sitting at home and waiting. Waiting for an email, an interview appointment, good news or something which gives me hope. But nothing came so far…

August was quite relaxed because I knew the month is dead. The big bosses and HR people are on holiday, so I didn’t expect anything. I was confident enough. Then September came… and still nothing! Continue reading