You are not late from anything

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You are not late from anything

Another birthday, another cake, another candle at the top. Yep, I have a birthday this Friday. Khm… Thirty-something…

I used to hate my birthdays when I was younger because it always reminded me how my real life is different than it was in my dreams.

I am okay with it for a few years now, of course, but I don’t make a big fuss about it. It is just a number and doesn’t mean much anymore. Continue reading

How we can understand people and why it’s important

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How we can understand people and why it's important2

Have you ever been mad at your friends? Of course, you had been… Let’s be honest, friendship is as the same as any relation – different personalities, dreams, desires, plans, ways of thinking. It is normal to have a disagreement between friends.

I had been angry with my friends lately. They decided to move to Spain a few months ago. They are still in London, but since then I haven’t really heard from them. We always tried to plan a night out but never happened. They were too busy with other stuff… Pf… Who wasn’t? They finished their job months ago and – in my mind – the only thing they had to do is packing. Of course, I didn’t know the small but important details such as they haven’t found a house in Spain yet, they haven’t found a new housemate who will take over their rooms and so on.

How should I know? They didn’t tell me these! I only knew (from my point of view) that they avoid me. I felt down because I knew our days are counted. Of course, I am going to visit them, it will be a great opportunity to explore Alicante, but I badly wanted to have time with them before they jump in the car and start their journey. Continue reading

Don’t give up yourself

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How many rejections have you had already? How many times have you had to pick up your pieces from the floor and start everything again?

Your situation could be anything. You could chase a relationship, a well-paid job, raising a child, go to university – anything. What is your biggest issue at this moment?

Answering my own question (and if you are reading my blog regularly, probably you know), I am looking for a well-paid job and/or marketing position which is my dream job. Continue reading

No rush

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After a couple of weeks without a job, I started to be annoyed and frustrated. I wanted to make the process faster, but it was something I didn’t have the power to do it. I was sitting at home and waiting. Waiting for an email, an interview appointment, good news or something which gives me hope. But nothing came so far…

August was quite relaxed because I knew the month is dead. The big bosses and HR people are on holiday, so I didn’t expect anything. I was confident enough. Then September came… and still nothing! Continue reading