When to start fresh

You feel it. Always have a point when you cannot do it anymore. You need something new. A new house, a new job, a new friend or a new life.

I started to feel that something is missing or wrong 5 years ago. I was in a relationship, I had a decent job, I had my diploma but still… life seemed to be empty and I was not happy. Continue reading

How to boost your confidence? 

There are many opportunities that we have lost because we were not confident enough. We were/are shy and let other people take the show.

But regret is always coming and stay with you even years after. I know, I have been there before. It is important to realize how many important things that we can lose because we are lack of confidence. Continue reading

How to stop being so shy?

I am sure there are stages of being shy, depends on the age. We have different personalities, feelings, hormones, experiences at school, uni, at a party, sport event or workplace. I believe that our experiences and people’s support and behaviour around us can generate feelings about ourselves.


It is normal to being shy when there is the coolest kid in the group.

It is normal to being shy when someone treats you like you don’t have good ideas. Continue reading

Why do you need enough self-esteem

You are good. You are worth. You are inimitable. You are smart. You are enough. You are brave. You are beautiful.

The list is endless.

Forget the past. Forget your failures. Forget your doubts. Forget your fears.

Self-esteem is always an issue. Not everyone born with it. Does anyone actually born with it? Or it is more about raising a child in an encouraging environment? Continue reading