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Hello dear visitor and hopefully a regular one 🙂

I am so glad you are here.

You know, I always wanted to write a blog but I have never gone further than a few posts and forgotten about it. I have never felt good enough to do it (having reasons or should I say excuses? hm…) and I always convinced myself that I was too busy to keep it alive. Years had gone and I still have been thinking about it. And suddenly life gave me a chance to do it. I found myself without a job which although was my decision still hit me. Just to keep myself busy I started a blog again and thinking about to do it really seriously.

And here we are now! I am really inspired at this time and the topics of my blog are all about it! Which is…? Motivation, self-improvement, self-help, confidence, personal development, self-studying positivism and optimism.

My blog posts are mainly about my thoughts which based on me and my friends’ life experiences and outcomes. What does it mean? I will bring you ideas on how to stay motivated, how to set up goals, how to be more productive and how to reach your dreams and never give up.

I try to give useful practical personal development advice which help(ed) me to stay on the track or re-plan everything when necessary and improve my life step by step.

I set up 6 main categories which can be found on the top of the blog.

  • Motivation up is about lifestyle, workout tips, DIY and creative things that cheer you up and boost your confidence at the beginning of the week.
  • Our lives is the biggest part of the development. It gives you real-life experiences, stories, thoughts and resolutions.
  • Problemsolving talks about tools, tips to solve the mentioned problems from Story of my life.
  • Chilling includes mainly music, pictures and short stories in various emotions.
  • Reviews is about free time activities such as visiting a new pub, watching a new movie with friends or just to be out and about – and of course their beneficial effects.

All these things have had a positive effect on my life. I hope some of them will work for you too and help with your struggles and set up a positive mind.

Long story short I will give you all of my research and tools that have helped me so far to stay positive and – sometimes – only keep my head above water. I hope it helps you too never lose optimism and work on your dreams.

This site, its content and I are a work in progress.

Come and enjoy the ride with me!