Is it possible to be happy in the workplace?

Are you happy in your workplace? Have you ever been happy at any of your workplaces?

Most of you say yes, most of you say no. Probably.

Is everything perfect there? We all will say no! For sure!

Does it matter? Not every time…

Actually, I am happy at my current place. It is far from to be perfect, but compare with my previous one it is close to heaven! I mean it, believe me! Sometimes it is chaotic, sometimes busy and sometimes everything is just pain in the neck, but – and this is important – I like to be there. Continue reading

Know what you want

It is essential to know your dreams, desires and goals. Without it, you cannot take steps to reach it.

You want to do sport… Which one? Do you want to be professional soccer or playing in your free time only?

You want to play on an instrument… Guitar? Drum? You definitely need to know.

You have to decide small details, without it how you know where and how to start. What do you need to learn? Who do you need to contact? How much money do you need to spend on? Continue reading

Be successful

This video is talking about the fears that we have during hunting of our dreams. Watch and listen Elizabeth Gilbert about her successes, failures and fears which she had had for years until she got to publish her first book.

I hope this video gives you the same (or even more!) than me – worth of hard work. Doesn’t matter how many times you have to try, how many long hours you have to work on because you feel you have to. You feel that – sooner or later – you will be awarded. There is nothing else you want to do and even you suffer along with your journey, you don’t give up before the goal.

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Don’t give up yourself

How many rejections have you had already? How many times have you had to pick up your pieces from the floor and start everything again?

Your situation could be anything. You could chase a relationship, a well-paid job, raising a child, go to university – anything. What is your biggest issue at this moment?

Answering my own question (and if you are reading my blog regularly, probably you know), I am looking for a well-paid job and/or marketing position which is my dream job. Continue reading

How to get more experience

Experience is essential to get a job. Mostly. I had many interviews where the outcome was that I am a strong candidate but I have a tiny bit less experience than the person who got the position.

After a lot of interviews, I have a list of how you can get more experience on your field (if you do not have enough). You can be a strong and confident candidate. Continue reading

Job hunting vs. experience hunting

Hunting a job is good for only 1 thing. You gain your experience of answering and asking questions. You can learn a lot about yourself and you don’t let anyone make a fool of you. Okay, I admit it`s sound weird, but I will explain it later…

Have you had an experience of a strange job description or telephone interview? Unusual face to face interview? You are definitely not alone.

Today I tell you a few bizarre interviews that I had during my job hunting. Few of them were time wasted, few of them was a lesson.

Are you ready to be shocked or laughed? 😉 Continue reading

Finding a job….

…. is not easy at all. If you are at the job hunting period, this post will give you sites where you can search for jobs and where you can find many useful and actual information (CV writing, cover letter etc.).

I use these websites for searching. They are reliable and easy to use (they even have an app!). You are able to find feedback about the company who post an ad.

Continue reading

Figure it out what do you want

The most important thing is to find out what do you want to do in the next week, month, year or in your whole life. Without it, you don`t know what is your first and next step, what you need to use, where to need to search for.

What is your dream? What would you like to do when time or money don`t matter?

Studying or teaching languages? Writing a novel or articles for magazines? Organizing events and parties? Playing in a band or dancing in a ballet? Continue reading