Stop overthinking

stop overthinking

I used to have this unpleasant habit of overthinking everything. But really – everything. When things went well, I was afraid that it would be ruined. When things went wrong, I was kept thinking about it and made the situation even worst in my mind.

I am much better now but I still can make such a mess in my head by myself.

One of my friends back on the horse as she started dating again after a long period. Guess what? She is already overthinking it. I totally understand her, I have been there and so many times I feel grateful that I don’t have to go through these stages of dating having my other half.

What she should really do instead is enjoying the day, the dates, the messages, the compliments, the dinner together. Enjoy the excitement of something new. Enjoy the moment. It is ok to think about something and ok to keep it in your mind but try not to get crazy over something. Eventually, everything will turn out either this or that way. We must go with the flow.

How many times have you ruined your day because you were worried about tomorrow? Or yesterday?

If it meant to be, it will be. Nothing – especially worrying – can change that.

When are we getting back our freedom?

getting back our freedom

When I was a kid, I used to read the description of star signs and was always excited when something great was written to me. Growing up, I left these columns behind me but if one thing is true, being an Aquarius, I cannot stand any limitation of my freedom. You can imagine how lockdown made me crazy then.

Now, having more normality in our life again, there are only a couple of things that is still not allowed to do, but there are so many restrictions which is more or less a limitation of our freedom – still.

Of course, I understand why we need to do certain things and I follow the rules, but a pleasant thing is becoming a hassle now. I love to travel and discovering new countries and cultures, but even going anywhere doesn’t give me joy at all. Even just going home is such a difficulty. Or going out. When there is a long queue in front of your favourite restaurant makes you feel losing your appetite.

I thought lifting the lockdown and going to work again will solve my mood swings, but it didn’t really work out how I thought it would.

I try to see the positive side of everything and find alternatives of my `normal doings` but with all uncertainty around, most of the time is difficult.

Time of self-reflection


They say until situations are happening again and again, you still need to learn something from it. The tricky part is that you don’t know what it could be!

It can be a colleague who you have a fight with all times but then changing your job, you find yourself in the same shoes. So, what you need to learn? It could be more empathy towards different personalities or more understanding of other beliefs and working style.

Chasing a right relationship, but you always find a partner who never spends enough time with you or never give you any compliment. What do you need to learn? Maybe you need to leave your habit behind you of measuring your values on others opinions.

Knowing what you need to improve on yourself is hard. There is no thing said out loudly, you just find yourself in the same position again and again. You can blame the circumstances or environment around you, but the truth is this is a sign of finding the root of the problem inside. A sign of self-reflection. Time of realization of you need to improve yourself.

You can take it as a pain in the neck thing or you can take this as an opportunity to be or handle things much better for the future. Less thing bothers or upsets you, higher your inner peace would be.

Friendship needs to be appreciated

friends time

Do you have a lot of friends? I used to have a lot around me but then life happened and quite a few of them moved to a different country or town. I accepted (nothing I can do about it, can`t I?) that we cannot meet as often as we did before. In the meantime, I am grateful for friends who still live close by.

Well… relatively… living in London, you have to travel long to meet someone.. I don’t really mind when my commute is longer than I would expect. The price is always seeing my friends, which worth the effort.

This has to be two way, tho. I like when the other half doesn’t have to check their calendar or think whether they have better things to do or not. When they don’t just wish to meet but actually make it happen.

Before I went on holiday, I texted a really good friend who I used to work with to see whether we have a chance to meet in Hungary or not. She lives on the other side of the country, but we still considered quite a few options before we washed our meeting away. It was not the right time, although we both were desperate to see the other. We both would rather travel through the country just to have a face to face chat which we haven’t had for almost 3 years. We don’t give up meeting in the very close future but knowing that she would have done the same effort as me just to see each other, means the world to me.

The other good friend is a family actually, with whom we have regular dinner parties (I know it sounds old, but hey… food, drink and good company… what else do you need after a long week?!). We live almost 2 hours away from each other but it is never an issue.

These guys I call friends. Making an effort to meet or have a phone call or video chat is a two-way game. Both parties have to work on it.

I love friends from who you cannot have enough. You talk every day, you meet often and you still feel like the time together is nothing. You are not getting bored of each other, you have unlimited topics to talk about and your time together is full of joy and laugh. You just feel natural and efforts are obviously made.

Get the blame for a kind thing you have done

Get the blame for a kind thing you have done

What an amazing feeling could it be?!

Well yeah, I definitely feel it from time to time. Have you ever heard a sentence “once my big heart will kill me”. So you know what I am talking about…

I have learned to say no for a long time ago now… It makes my life easier and protects me from unnecessary drama and conflict which I am not into at all. Sometimes, I still put others above me and in the end, I am the one who hurts the most. Continue reading

Call it home

call it home

They say it doesn’t matter where you live as long as your heart in it and I have to agree to it!

I had lived in many different places in the past in Hungary and in London as well but I always tried to make the most out of it. It doesn’t matter if it was a small or bigger room, living with many people, but my own space, my room was my castle! I always find a way to decorate within a low budget, I don’t go crazy spending a fortune on it, but rather rely on my creative self and using what sources or material I have. And of course, there are plenty of DIY pages and videos on the web so getting ideas shouldn’t be a problem. Continue reading

Would your 5 years younger self be proud?

Would your 5 years younger self be proud


Yes… no… maybe… I don’t know…

There are so many different answers we can get. I think it all depends on what matters? How we measure success or happiness? How we measure proudness? What do you want to achieve to be proud of yourself? List things to own? Milestones you have reached that you set for yourself by the age of 25? 30? 40…? Do you consider happiness as something to be proud of? Continue reading

Find every day’s purpose

each day has its purpose

Usually, I wake up with a “let’s-do-it” attitude and carry on task from my to-do list. I am very satisfied when I can tick off something from my never-ending list.

One of the days in the middle of the lockdown (who knows which week or day was it…) I had a day when I woke up with a fed-up feeling. I felt like ah… it is a new day. What shall I do today? I felt like this day will be exactly the same as many others before. Cooking, exercising, studying, watching series, blogging – just to name a few. I was not in a mood to do anything super productive. Instead, I was scrolling my Insta, making comments and listening to music and just singing. Thankfully, nobody was a witness to my voice. 😀 Continue reading