About Me

Life longer and forever optimistic.

Okay, you got me, I still need to practice the latter, but I try to see the positive side of everything. If there is none then to find a reason behind it.

As a kid, I wanted to be a journalist, but at some point, I realized I am not motivated enough to get a place at a big table. I always had a strong keen on writing so after long years of playing with a thought of blogging, I have finally found my braveness to start.

Sometimes I am an overthinker, sometimes I can be too sensitive, sometimes too independent, sometimes too perfectionist, and sometimes too restless.

But one thing is sure, I believe that I can reach my goals and I am not afraid of putting my energy, time and hard work in it.

During my journey, I have been learning a lot about myself and the real world, and I aim to give others enough inspiration to never give up on dreams through my chit-chats and real-life stories.

If you can use an extra helping hand (or words) every now and then, enjoy the ride with me! 😉