About Me

This is my second intro. I have been blogging for a year when I felt the structure need to be changed.


Because the original idea was getting weird. When I started, I had a different concept, which you can see below 😉

But then I had a feeling I repeat myself and not giving the message what I really want.

Which is…

To show you how your experiences help you to survive hard times, what you can learn from them and how they motivate you to go forward and how a happy moment can serve your life while you are fighting for your dreams.

Useful personal development advice based on life experiences. Motivational chit-chat about career, friendship, relationship, lifestyle, time management, self-improvement. Not where I want to be yet, but working hard on my dreams each day!

That’s it. 😉



Hi Everybody,

My story started when I found myself without a job – end of the world…. even it was my decision. How ironic, isn`t it? I loved my job and my colleagues but because of some changes at the company, the best option was to leave. Bittersweet!

Anyhow, suddenly I had lots of time to use it for so many things I have never had enough. But now!

From the middle of my notice period – which was 3 months, oh gosh how long was it! – I have started to apply for jobs, but nothing came easily. During the job hunting, I have started to think about writing a blog which I always wanted but I was never confident enough to do it. However, this time a voice in my head said I had precious time to use it now! Well, that’s how the journey has started…

I have realized that I got free time which has to be wisely used and figure out what I want, what type of job I want to do and most importantly to decline my excuse „I don`t have time” and just write. It gave me hope and reason to wake up at mornings.

I write about topics which can be found in each of our lives from time to time. I will bring all of the positive outcomes which lead me – and hope you as well – to continue no matter what. I write about mainly career, friendship, relationship, lifestyle (workout, free time programs), financial stuff, time management, self-improvement, positivism and motivation. And of course, everything else which connects to these things.

My blog posts are about my thoughts which base on me and my friends’ life experiences and outcomes. I want to show you that you are not alone with your problems and fears and life is not as easy as it seems to look at others. I try to give useful practical personal development advice which help(ed) me to stay on the track and improve me and my life step by step.

Four main categories which can be found on the top of the blog.

  • Motivation Up is about lifestyle, workout tips, DIY and creative things from daily life which can boost your motivation and productivity. Or just topics which can make you think and try things differently.
  • Our lives is the biggest part of development. It gives you real-life experiences, stories, thoughts and resolutions.
  • Problem-solving talks about tools, tips to solve the mentioned problems from Our lives.
  • Time off is about free time activities such as visiting a new pub, watching a new movie with friends or just to be out and about – and of course their beneficial effects. It sometimes comes hand by hand with Motivation Up.

All these things have had a positive effect on my life. I hope some of them will work for you too and help with your struggles and set up a positive mind.

Long story short I will give you all of my research and tools that have helped me so far to stay positive and – sometimes – only keep my head above water. I hope it helps you too never lose optimism and work on your dreams.

This site, its content and I are a work In Progress.

Come and enjoy the ride with me!