How can you get out of your comfort zone?

How to get out of your comfort zone

Same flat, same job, same friends, same supermarket to go. How convenient is it?! It definitely is.

I used to be terrified of new situations, I was not comfortable to extend my friend’s circle or just speak in front of a group. I am still not a fan of being in the center of anything, but I am confident enough to be the person who steps up when there is a need.

I always say that moving to a foreign country was one of my best decision and I have never regretted during these long 7 years. It helped me to grow and build my confidence. I always was independent back home, but finding myself in a new world with many new habits and different language taught me a lot about myself and the world. I also believe that having a different mentality around me helped me changed my mindset as well.

It wasn’t easy at all, but I guess every job, every people I met lead me to a person who I am today.

If you would ask me what to do to be more confident and brave enough to get out of your comfort zone, I would say: trying.

Knowing that trying something that intimidates you helps you to grow. Try new activities, don’t be afraid to meet new people. Be involved in your friends’ friends.

Show your confidence. Even if you don’t have it. You will have. Pretending that you know what to do is half of the battle. You will believe in it after a while and dealing with a situation that had scared you before won’t be that bad anymore.

Practice. Practice how to date, meet as many people as you can. You never know who will stay.

If you don’t like your job or flat to live in, change. Get yourself in a new opportunity, new role, new environment.

Be the first who start a conversation. Push yourself to ask questions. Don’t be the one who always feels interviewed and under pressure to answer.

See new opportunities as a chance to practice and get over your fears. Say ‘yes’ often, don’t just take the ‘safe’ route.

It is perfectly fine to feel uncomfortable or terrified but you will definitely grow and that’s what matters. Miracles don’t happen overnight but if you come over only one fear at a time, you already win. 

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