Why do people come into our lives?

Why do people come into our lives

You never meet someone by accident, all people you bump into is a blessing or a lesson. Someone steps into your life to teach you a lesson, next time you step into someone else’s to teach them something.

Easy, isn’t it? 😀

You could say that, but the hardest part, when the friendship/relationship is over and it leaves emptiness in you. It doesn’t have to be a big drama or fight to get the bottom of it. It’s enough not to see or talk to each other anymore. Sometimes it just doesn’t mean to be that way. Something has written in the skies. You probably never know when is the last time to be with someone and maybe this is the reason to be hurt the most.  

When it happens, try to find out what you have learned from them or what you gave them. You might be more confident through them or more independent or they were an example of what kind of person you don’t want in your life in the future.

Everybody comes into our lives for a reason. Let’s understand what it is to accept what happened. 

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