What really means to have a supportive partner


Relationship is not easy. Never. It doesn’t matter that you are at the beginning of it and you see your partner through a pink bubble, or you are about to start your 10, 20 or 30 years together.

None of us is perfect. We are all having mistakes and annoying habits or hobbies that our better half doesn’t like.

Probably, we all have one of these questions during any stage of the relationship: where is it going? Was it a right choice? Should I move on? Is he or she a right match? Can this be better? Can we go through this? Any many more…

Well…. At the end of day what is really matter how your partner would step up when you lose your job… or get sick… or have a family issue… Can they be your hero during the crisis?

They might not do the dishes every day or drill the shelf on the wall immediately – and as you would like to 😀 – , but when you are in the most need, they are there. They prepare your coffee at the morning, because they know you are not capable of anything without it… they make a dinner for you when you are tired or they are going to buy you chocolate when you are grumpy. 😊 They have their own thoughtful moments to make you happy.

They give you space when you need, they step up when there is a time for it. They never judge or make fun of you when you are not happy about your body or you have big dreams to work on it. They accept these, understand your needs, and support you in their small ways.


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