Stop overthinking

stop overthinking

I used to have this unpleasant habit of overthinking everything. But really – everything. When things went well, I was afraid that it would be ruined. When things went wrong, I was kept thinking about it and made the situation even worst in my mind.

I am much better now but I still can make such a mess in my head by myself.

One of my friends back on the horse as she started dating again after a long period. Guess what? She is already overthinking it. I totally understand her, I have been there and so many times I feel grateful that I don’t have to go through these stages of dating having my other half.

What she should really do instead is enjoying the day, the dates, the messages, the compliments, the dinner together. Enjoy the excitement of something new. Enjoy the moment. It is ok to think about something and ok to keep it in your mind but try not to get crazy over something. Eventually, everything will turn out either this or that way. We must go with the flow.

How many times have you ruined your day because you were worried about tomorrow? Or yesterday?

If it meant to be, it will be. Nothing – especially worrying – can change that.

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