When are we getting back our freedom?

getting back our freedom

When I was a kid, I used to read the description of star signs and was always excited when something great was written to me. Growing up, I left these columns behind me but if one thing is true, being an Aquarius, I cannot stand any limitation of my freedom. You can imagine how lockdown made me crazy then.

Now, having more normality in our life again, there are only a couple of things that is still not allowed to do, but there are so many restrictions which is more or less a limitation of our freedom – still.

Of course, I understand why we need to do certain things and I follow the rules, but a pleasant thing is becoming a hassle now. I love to travel and discovering new countries and cultures, but even going anywhere doesn’t give me joy at all. Even just going home is such a difficulty. Or going out. When there is a long queue in front of your favourite restaurant makes you feel losing your appetite.

I thought lifting the lockdown and going to work again will solve my mood swings, but it didn’t really work out how I thought it would.

I try to see the positive side of everything and find alternatives of my `normal doings` but with all uncertainty around, most of the time is difficult.

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