Time of self-reflection


They say until situations are happening again and again, you still need to learn something from it. The tricky part is that you don’t know what it could be!

It can be a colleague who you have a fight with all times but then changing your job, you find yourself in the same shoes. So, what you need to learn? It could be more empathy towards different personalities or more understanding of other beliefs and working style.

Chasing a right relationship, but you always find a partner who never spends enough time with you or never give you any compliment. What do you need to learn? Maybe you need to leave your habit behind you of measuring your values on others opinions.

Knowing what you need to improve on yourself is hard. There is no thing said out loudly, you just find yourself in the same position again and again. You can blame the circumstances or environment around you, but the truth is this is a sign of finding the root of the problem inside. A sign of self-reflection. Time of realization of you need to improve yourself.

You can take it as a pain in the neck thing or you can take this as an opportunity to be or handle things much better for the future. Less thing bothers or upsets you, higher your inner peace would be.

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