Get a fresh air

Get a fresh air

My motivation has been dropped a few weeks now and a huge part of my days is wasting. At least I feel like. I am very motivated with my daily exercises and I have read more books than usual during the whole year. But…I am still stuck at home, waiting for my workplace to re-open again. My boyfriend is working the whole day, so I hardly have anyone to talk to. Of course, I have short calls with friends and we are texting each other, but they are busy with their work as well, so I cannot rely on them all time. Days feel empty.

Since last Friday, whoever is travelling between certain countries from UK, don’t have to self-isolate themselves for 14 days. So, I got an idea and organized a short trip home because Hungary was amongst them. Only a week, but anything is better than sitting at home and waiting.
You can hear a lot about how plain’s departure times are changing lately but I was lucky, so everything went as planned. I got to the airport very early and because nothing was open, I found an empty seat and was scrolling some news on my phone.

I am halfway through of my holiday today, but I am already feeling better. I have seen my family and met a few friends which gave me a huge relief. It was definitely a great decision to change my environment. Sometimes the only thing we can do is change what we have or where we are. Put ourselves in another perspective.

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