How your mind change their desires

do what you love

Do you want the same life as you wanted years ago?

Do you have the same desires, dreams, and plans as you had years ago?

Me neither…

I find it really difficult and non-real when an 18 years old student has to decide what they want to do with their life. It gives us an idea that you cannot change it later. An idea that somehow you need to follow a route you were thinking about ages ago that might you can image yourself on it.

I always wanted to be a journalist, but after uni and more courses I just didn’t enjoy it. I had no clue what was the problem tho. I created my own magazine in a book when I was little and I was in the grammar school’s journalism team as well. So what happened? I guess, I realized how that profession works and I didn’t see myself in it. Although, I still enjoyed my daily journal which was hiding on my computer’s drive. I just wanted to mark my thoughts on paper and not followed any rules by editors. I think that’s how I found my compromise and started blogging! After almost 2 years, I still love it!

There are things you wanted earlier but not anymore. Even career or city to live in (oh yeah.. If you are telling me I would live in London I most likely have had laughed in your face and here I am – writing these lines in this wonderful city). Things which were unimaginable for you, today is the best and most important thing in your life and you wouldn’t give it for anything else. Fascinating how we are changing! And that’s why I think it is never late to start something new or change your life – or just part of it. Everything, every decision arrives when you are ready to take or make it. We have our decisions just in time. Never earlier and never later.

We have to try to break out from our comfort zone, but we never are able to step it over if we are not ready to jump. If we fight against something with each bone in our body it can give us a hint. It is still not our time. We might need years to be ready to take them in. If this happens, we will know.

This is all ok. Life is short enough to waste it and long enough to do or have something you hate.

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