Find every day’s purpose

each day has its purpose

Usually, I wake up with a “let’s-do-it” attitude and carry on task from my to-do list. I am very satisfied when I can tick off something from my never-ending list.

One of the days in the middle of the lockdown (who knows which week or day was it…) I had a day when I woke up with a fed-up feeling. I felt like ah… it is a new day. What shall I do today? I felt like this day will be exactly the same as many others before. Cooking, exercising, studying, watching series, blogging – just to name a few. I was not in a mood to do anything super productive. Instead, I was scrolling my Insta, making comments and listening to music and just singing. Thankfully, nobody was a witness to my voice. 😀

I was frustrated because I barely have days when I don’t feel the urge to do something productive. However, I let this day slips out of my hands and it was great at the end. I accepted that I am really not in a mood to check what I should do that day and I didn’t force myself for anything. Especially, because I knew that there are weeks ahead of me still to stay at home.

This day’s purpose was simply chilling and relaxing, enjoying the moment and boost my mood. We need to let ourselves to be lazy from time to time. The mind needs a break too. Doing nothing recharged my energy and the day after I jumped into my new normal daily routine.

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