Is it bad thinking about the past?

thinking about the past


We all have good and bad memories from our past which can be crawling back to our mind from time to time. Remember of pleasant moments are uplifting and can draw a smile on our faces. On the other hand, remember unpleasant memories can make us sad or even angry.

When this happens, it is advisable to understand what they mean. Why they are pop in our minds when we don’t wait for them. And why we punish ourselves chewing them over and over again.

When suddenly one of those not-my-favourite-memories pop into my mind, I try to give them a reason. Something similar might have happened lately and I can manage my emotions differently. I might need to learn something from it. Maybe I need to take different and wiser actions. I might need to make a decision that I missed last time.

I don’t need to wash my past out and regret it totally. It made me who I am today and using it as a learning curve can serve me better. It gave me experience and I can use it as an improvement.

Remember of those memories, but don’t let them stop you live your life or even hold you back of doing something similar. Do it better than last time.

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