Forget about how busy we are for a moment

how busy are our lives

How busy are our lives?

I have been sitting at home for 9 weeks now. It shows me how important to spend more time with family and friends when there is no virus around and we get our lives back.

But these weeks are teaching me something else too. It also shows how I forget to appreciate moments. I was going to lose my mind just staying at home at some point. I understood the reason and kept this rule as long as I had to but still had better and worse days to accept it. When the weather is good we definitely need to take advantage of it because we all know how the eccentric British weather is. Oh yeah…

I finally went to a park when it was allowed and I was just enjoying the sunshine sitting in the grass. It made me realize that I should never be too busy creating memories or recharge my batteries. Just sitting in the park is lovely. Empty your mind and enjoy the moment.

I will need to remind myself not to jump back to my crazy schedule and not spending time on what makes me happy or gives peace. It will be times when there is no other choice, there will be an urgent deadline to meet, there will be overtime at work, there will be an extra event that I must attend. It is all fine, but when I can think about these times when I was not able to meet with friends and families I will remember I cannot take my time granted with them. We have to use our opportunities when we can.

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