How easily do you change your mind?

change your mindset

I think it depends on what is on the table. Sometimes, I feel jumping between options but when I am thinking about my habits it can be hard to be consistent with a new perspective.

I have read a book about taking pictures for Instagram and other social media sites. It was a lovely Xmas present and finally, I had time to finish it. The book is about change your general perspective and always tries to explore different shapes, colours or subjects when taking photos. It can reflect on our lives as well, I guess it doesn’t harm anyone to change our view from time to time.

Sometimes these alterations come naturally. When I was little, I was passionate about reading only romantic books such as Jane Austen, Bronte and such. I still love this type of books but I became more open-minded to other genres. The same happens with movies as well. My boyfriend’s and my taste is soo different but we never fight over what kind of movies to watch at night. Giving a chance for something different, something unusual leads me to become more tolerant and wider my outlook. It also a great way to decide you really don’t like something or you just think you don’t like something. It has a huge difference and it happens with me very often…

You don’t have to turn upside down your taste or habit. A little adjustment in our thinking can surprise us a lot. 😉

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