How to adapt to a situation

How to adapt to a situation

Recently, we moved into a new flat and I jumped into decorating it. I am so obsessed with decoration and design (at some point I was thinking to be a graphic designer but never happened… yet…) and usually, I try to buy cheap DIY staff and create myself something which gets in shape in my mind or just order a wall sticker and place it. This time – of course, because of the coronavirus and lockdown – I had to be even more creative. I had a few days of research on Pinterest that I will be able to manage to make from what I have at home and jumped into it.

Adaptation applies to every aspect of life. Well… it should be. But be honest, it is extremely hard. We have a clear image in our mind and we stick to it. But not everything is black or white, there is a grey gap as well.

Planning is great until life slams you in the face. This is where flexibility blinks on you and makes you think.

This current situation shows perfectly, that we cannot be prepared for everything is life. Even, we planned everything ahead. And this is good. This situation can teach us to be more flexible and more able to adapt to changed circumstances. Try to build an inner confidence, that whatever comes, you will be able to change with it. Trust yourself enough to be creative to find another solution or make the most out of the new situation.

I remember on my holiday in Cyprus, we went to a cosy family restaurant and I ordered fish and chips. The best one in my life by the way… The day after, before we headed to the airport, we visited again, because we didn’t see the point lurking around the area and wasting time to find something else. I wanted to order the same fish and chips for as a goodbye meal, but they ran out of it! I was suddenly desperate because I couldn’t even imagine giving a chance to another dish to try! Finally, I chose souvlaki which was impeccably delicious and I was absolute please with my last meal in that beautiful city.

You don’t control the situation but you control how to react and think about it. Flexibility doesn’t happen overnight, but if we consider it every time something unplanned happens, we can be more and more sure about to master it.

Let’s give it a try! 😉

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