Does time anxiety exist?

does time anxiety exist

It actually does and you can give a meaning to it such as ‘is it too late’? This type of anxiety is the fear of wasting your time, not using your potential, or feeling it is too late to start something new.

I was talking to a friend the other day and what else could have been the main topic – of course – other than the coronavirus. We were sharing feelings about it and how we are copying in this unusual situation.

She has been at home so definitely has plenty of time, but she doesn’t feel motivated to do something. A lot of her friends are focusing on building new skills, finds time reading, doing daily exercises or baking cakes but what she does is only scrolling her phone screen.

Both approaches for using our extra time is ok. I should learn to be more relaxed sometimes and not pushing myself to the edge feeling I need to rush things to be done or reach as soon as possible.

Last week I developed an eye infection which I have never had before. It was so painful and sometimes my vision was blurry and looking through a watery eye is not easy I have to tell you. But what did I do? I was still sitting at my desk, in front of my computer and working on my projects. Then late evening I finally went to watch some movies in a darker room to relax my eyes. My body told me to stop.

Stop being anxious about time, about being too late or about not having enough time. We all have enough time. As long as we are working on something important which leads us forward, it should be satisfying. Since we went to lockdown I haven’t stopped.

If you are the same and suffer from time anxiety, here are a few examples when (today) successful people or companies inventors started “late” in their lives. You are not late. Your time hasn’t come yet. Don’t give up!

never too late to start; successful people start late

never too late to start; successful people start late

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