Back to normal

When we can get back to normal

…. and what is it exactly? We are living in a different “normal” now.

In the past few weeks, we had to adjust things in our “normal” life. Social distancing, staying home when we can, reducing shopping and avoid buying any unnecessary items.

The new “normal” was scary at the beginning then we had to adapt our daily routine to something unknown. We had to create a new daily life and stick to it.

Actually, I enjoyed it in the beginning. I had time to catch up with my studies, my blog, having a long phone or skype conversations with friends and family, watching movies from my long list, finishing a few books from my shelves. Finally, I had time! How great was it! I even managed to move into a new flat and gave it a – almost – final shape.

Almost six weeks pass and I am still at home… I am getting bored and losing my motivation. Days are the same and I don’t feel the urge anymore to use my time wisely.

I am sure it is just temporary and I need a few days to be back again, but it would be great to see the end of the tunnel.

What kind of struggle do you have at these times?

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