Was it the right decision?

Was it the right decision

There are so many decisions in our lives that we need to make. A few of them are bigger, a few of them are smaller.

Usually, I take all pro and contra. Like to do my research and make even a spreadsheet. It depends on the topic of course, but I like to see both sides.

The latest decision I had to make where to live next? We have been renting the same flat for 2 years now and decided to move on to a bigger one. It was time. Me and my boyfriend have quite a different lifestyle. While he sleeps early (he has to wake up too early… fair enough…) I am a night owl. Having an extra room or living room which we don’t have at the moment will be definitely a great idea.

Moving to another place is not so fun. I can tell you. There is a lot of stress comes with it. Where to look? Which area of the city? How much can you afford to spend? What is the priority of the new place? And many more… I am sure you know the feeling.

You are in the middle of the flat hunting…. searching for hours, making phone calls, do unlimited viewings and nothing… You start to think about staying where you are now. If you loved your current flat for so long, why do you want to change it suddenly? But no… you have made your decision already. And somewhere deep inside you know that was the right one.

Then you enter in it… and feel it. This is it. This is yours. The vibe, the colours, the size, the conditions. Everything. Just. Perfect.

Go with your gut. In the end, everything adds up and you must feel it. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. You feel when you made a good decision. Or even a bad one.

We found our new flat weeks before the current lockdown situation but still, it is a question whether we will be able to manage the moving. I will keep you in the loop 😉

Is there a big choice you are about to make?

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