To be grounded as an adult

self isolation

I have to say, I actually like it – so far. It has been only 1.5 weeks so it is not really much and let’s see what I will say about this lockdown in a month’s time :O but hey…. let’s live in a present for now. 😉

Since the lockdown, there is great British weather outside of course… which hardly happens usually… and I am only able to look at this tempting sunshine from my window which is next to my desk where I work. Not sure if this is the right spot for me….

So, why do I like this grounded situation so far? I finally can catch up with my studies and side project working on my blog, Instagram profile and other bits and pieces. And of course, I am working from home but it is barely anything comparing to a normal office day.

I try to see the positive side of this lockdown which is important not to kill your mood too soon. I am sure I will have tougher days for me as well, but until I just focus on the extra time I have. I am glad to have this opportunity to go forward with my projects as much as I can. I might push myself a bit too much tho, so I also need to learn how to stop and enjoy an extra free time which this situation gives me and I usually don’t have.

This time is great for re-think how fast our lives and reflect on it. Stop it for a while and just enjoy a great movie or a book. Is it also good to think about what we want to do with our lives? Start a new hobby or career? Make some research on a topic and some planning won’t do any harm. Sometimes, we just need to realize what we really want to do and stick to it. It takes time but I am sure these weeks an opportunity for everyone to use it for good and not just waste it.

What are you up to these weeks?

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