Being proud of a friend

proud of a friend

We are all going through easier and harder periods in our life. I love to see my friends when they are doing well or get back on track after a bad era. I cannot tell enough how proud I am of them.

I used to work with a girl in London who we became friends with. She moved to a different country now, but we stay in touch since. I love our long emails to let the other know how we are doing, what our happiness or sadness we experience from time to time.

Her last few years were tough in many areas of life, but just before she lost herself found a way out. I could see her struggle and of course, I understood her decisions and tried to support her even they were far from me, but she thought those are the only options. One day she had a thought and changed her life (or at least her negative thoughts) upside down and started to work on something better.

She is one of the bravest, smartest and hardworking people I know. I told her this many times, but I know she reads my blog and she will recognize herself in this post.

Especially, this tough “self-isolating, everything is closed, we don’t know what will happen” period, I want her to know these.


How often do you tell your friends how well they are doing?

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