Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco

I have never been out of Europe so planning a trip to Morocco was totally new to me and absolutely exciting as well. I didn’t really know what to expect. I read a lot of blogs and reviews, even ordered a travel book to be ready for this new adventure…

This holiday was decided and planned very quickly… I had a chat with my friend who wanted to go there but was not sure with who and when. I told her that I have been playing with a thought to go there as well and that’s how it started…

After getting a green light at my workplace, we bought flight tickets and choose accommodation as well. Everything was planned during a few hours! Can you believe in? Now we just needed to sit back and wait…

In the last few days, I counted not the minutes but seconds. Work was busy and my mind was occupied enough to not thinking about this trip only. And the day finally came…

Holiday in Morocco  Holiday in Morocco  Holiday in Morocco

The first thing we faced arriving in Morocco was the heat. The weather was hotter than in London (ah… of course… it is not something that I should have mentioned anyway 😀 ) but light enough to enjoy jeans and t-shirts (at night a thin jumper) combination and not feel too tired of walking under the sun.



The first thing was to found out where is our accommodation which was a traditional riad in the city center. Our host was an amazing guy having kind and polite staff around. We felt absolutely welcomed and got a lot of help from them. They even invited us to have dinner for free! Just because we became family! 😀 I could say the same about Moroccans in general. Everybody seemed to be nice and helpful, and they all have ‘Inshallah’ (something like if Allah wills it) ala ‘take it easy’ mentality.

Holiday in Morocco

We read about them previously, how they can harass you on the market and lead you in small and empty streets and ask for money but we didn’t experience anything like that at all. We were confident enough to know where to go (even we didn’t 😀 ) and said no to any kind of help which seemed to be dodgy. But streets were never empty to be felt unsafe.

On our first night, we were walking along the streets when a guy passed us and gave a piece of advice such as it is not safe for us (girls only) to walking alone, but we were not sure how serious he wanted to be.

Holiday in Morocco


Connection to the world

We wanted to buy a sim card at the beginning, but after the first afternoon we actually decided not to, because of all coffees, restaurants or our hotel have wifi which we could connect easily. We also downloaded Google map to have help when we were on our way to any destination.

Holiday in MoroccoHoliday in Morocco













We were extremely curious about markets in general. One of the biggest ones is in Marrakesh. We walked around so many times but always found different streets to be new for us. Streets were narrow along a lot of stuff such as spice, lamps, slippers, cosmetics, jewelleries, fridge magnet and other small souvenirs, clothes, leather bags etc. Everything was so colourful, crowded and noisy. People were riding a motorbike in the middle of those small roads in the market and we had to be careful not to be hit. Of course, we surprised ourselves with a few hidden gems. 😉

Holiday in Morocco  Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco   Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco  Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco  Holiday in Morocco



There are plenty of cities that caught our attention during planning a trip. We wanted to see Fez, Rabat or even Chefchaouen (Blue City) but all of them were way too far from Marrakesh. We decided to go to Essaouira then and it was a great decision. It is a small but lovely city only a few hours driving from Marrakesh. We were happy to enjoy light walk, a few coffee terraces and its market as well of course. We have tried a fish which was a must in Essaouira but unfortunately, it wasn’t the best in our lives and in the end I was looking at poor fish eyes on my plate…

If we had had more time to explore the country, I would have gone to other cities than Essaouira but having a long walk behind us from the day before, it actually was pleasant not going crazy with a trip.

Holiday in Morocco Holiday in MoroccoHoliday in Morocco


Activities in Morocco

Our last day, we had a chance to try camel ride, quad and Hamman as well. One of the best days I would say… I was scared to ride the quad alone – never done it before – but one of the guys actually jumped behind me after seeing what kind of driver I am. It was much better after 10 minutes and I actually loved it!

Camel ride was a different kind of things of course. We shortened it because one of us didn’t like it and the weather got a bit chilly. The view was spectacular but riding a camel for an hour would have been boring.

Headed back to Marrakesh, we still had a chance to visit a Hammam and have a nice treatment. I have tried a Hammam treatment in London before, but this was nothing like that. These ladies were gentle and really take good care of us.

Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco Holiday in Morocco



Tajine… We ate a lot of tajines but we cannot be bored with it! Each of them has a different taste and made with different veggies and meat. Mainly with chicken but also we tried camel – which if you know me it almost impossible for me, but hey… we live once, right?

We also tried quite a few cakes, sweets, pomegranate juice (yummy) and bamboo juice (way too sweet) on the market.

Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco Holiday in Morocco


I really enjoyed my time in Morocco. It was the first out-of-Europe experience and having girls only holiday is always something that you must do. We had such a great time and we laughed a lot! But I would have imagined the whole country differently. I thought there is too much luxury around, more colourful cities, more vivid lifestyle. I am not disappointed at all, moreover! I loved a balance and decent culture that I saw there! This holiday was definitely an experience in many ways. I would definitely recommend having a trip to Morocco – even to different cities, but to understand better their culture.

Holiday in Morocco Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco  Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco

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