How much responsibility do you take?

How much responsibility do you take?

There are compromises in relationships in general which could be silly or very important ones. We all would like to make our loved ones happy and accept tasks to do which might not be our taste.

However, we have to ask ourselves where is the limit? How much the other person has to take? Is not knowing basic common things okay? Just because you keep an eye on the bills, is it okay if the other one doesn’t even have a clue about it? Just because you call agencies to find a new flat, is it okay not to pay attention at all? Is delaying important paperwork is okay, just because you are tired (or maybe lazy)?

Everything depends on the situation, but never leave the other feel that they are doing everything and you don’t lift up your finger. These series of actions lead to a question… Do you really want to do this for the rest of my life? Taking care of everything?

Some people need more or less support than the others, but it doesn’t mean you can totally fool them. We should be careful with those who usually at the top of every case, because once they can be fed up as well.

Has this question ever popped in your mind?

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