Shopping? Big no…

I hate shopping

There are many things in life that we don’t like to do but it still necessary. Someone doesn’t like to go to a post office or cooking, maybe cleaning windows. Well… I hate shopping.

My boyfriend is happy about it – of course, why he wouldn’t be… – but it can be a pain in the neck for me. I really need to be in a mood to force myself to get dressed and target a shopping center. It happens usually when I desperately need something, jeans or shoes and it cannot wait anymore. This last-minute shopping has a danger that I don’t find anything. If I don’t know what I want, I don’t like literally anything. If I know what I want, I stick to it and – or sure – I cannot find something similar to it. Vicious circle, but there it is.

I love online shopping, tho. There is no hassle, no crowd, no distances between shops. When I really like something I can imagine its size, colour or fabric. I almost can see them in real. It doesn’t work for clothes, for those I need to try them and look myself in the mirror, but pretty much work for anything else.

We all have something that don’t like to do. Go for compromisation and try to find an alternative.

What is your biggest thing you don’t like to do?

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