Get inspired or be inspiration

Get inspired or be inspired

I have read a blog post from a writer who apparently a blogger as well. This post was about that he writes about what he wants, not about an expected topic, because his blog is his blank space. This stack in my mind! How true is it!

It was such a huge inspiration for me. As a blogger, we shouldn’t be worried about the numbers of followers, likes or comments. I am the worst audience ever. I follow many blogs but never leave comments. So why am I expecting from my readers to do the same? I have so many blogs saved on my browser and read them on a weekly basis, but nobody knows that I am their readers.

I keep going blogging, because I never know who reads my stories, for someone I can be an inspiration! I want to be an inspiration to others! If you have doubts about yourself, forget it. Keep going with your doing as long as you like it to do. You can be an encouragement for anyone but also important to be inspired. I follow a few Entrepreneurs Facebook groups where people share stories about how they started and how they succeed after so many years of hard work. We never know which day will be ours.

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