Avoiding regrets in life

avoiding regrets in life

I have been reading a book from Anne Griffin When All is Said. An elderly man raises five toasts to five people who have meant the most to him.

These stories are full of joy, regret, tragedy and secrets which part of our lives anyway. It is thought-provoking to read how the smallest thing can cause regret in the future – a childish action or even stubbornness.

There is no person who hadn`t regretted something in the past. We all have something that we could have done or handled better or just differently. It could be a small thing which doesn’t have a big impact on our life or a huge one which we cannot forget, and the feeling is always crawling back to us.


We cannot get rid of it totally from our life, but we can try to minimize them. Regrets can serve you well as long as you learn something from them. They also can serve you badly when they leave an only bitter taste in your mouth and you don’t want to see their lessons.

I try to expect them because once something is done, I cannot undo it, but I also try to learn from them and improve myself.  We cannot change what happened once but punishing ourselves repeatedly doesn’t make it any better. Focus on what you can do better to avoid having regrets in the future.

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