When do you have to say goodbye

When to say goodbye

So many memories. So many feelings. So many experiences. So many deep conversations. When do you have to give up on it? Do you have to at all?

Once, someone told me, you can manage only around 100 people in your life. Someone has to fall out to give space to someone new. I always think about this when an emotional distance wedge a rope between me and a friend and a friend became a stranger. Or at least someone who is not in my life anymore.

I am sure you know the feeling when you are starting to lose the bond with your friend. When your conversations become less and less frequent. When you are the only one who tries to reach them out. When you start to realize they don’t miss you. They can have excuses like they keep forgetting to write to you or they are busy, but let`s face it – this is not true. You cannot be busy enough not having time for your friend or a `Hi, how are you` question. You don’t have to spend your time together, but you do have to look after your friend and you must have time for them.

I left so many friends behind me when I moved to London, but years showed me who is the true one(s)! In the 21st century when you can use a phone and internet on a daily basis, keep in touch is really not a biggy! But the first condition has to be your effort to make it happen.

They say every person that comes into our life comes for a reason. Sometimes you teach something to the other, and sometimes the other person has something you can learn from. Sometimes we just don’t want to admit that that`s it. This is the end. We do not have left time together. We taught everything each other that we had to, it is time to move on and be in someone else`s life.

Accept when your time ends.

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