New Year’s Resolutions – YES or NO?

motivational jar

I used to wait for the 1st   of January every year to replace my bad habits with good ones. It always worked for a few weeks then everything went back to normal.

At some point, I stopped expect everything to be upside down just because we leave another year behind us. The whole New Year`s Resolution is for self-improvement which should start with an appropriate approach that you can actually keep it. We don’t have to rely on it necessarily. Think about what is the best way for you and go for it.

If New Year’s Resolution gives you motivation, that’s fantastic but if you are like me and it is not an ideal option for you, here are my favourite self-improvement ideas which you can start any day of the year.

  1. Inspirational jar: a great way of boosting your pace with daily morning motivation. I love this idea and I got this lovely jar for Christmas. 🙂  It includes 31 notes for each day of the month. Also, you can add yours anytime into the jar and build your own motivational tips.
  2. Daily/weakly to-do-list: For success, I need a goal and a list to know where I am heading off. For being more productive and efficient, you can write a list of all of the things you want or need to do each week. Then separate them for very important, important and less important.
  3. Gym plan: I always struggle to find exercises and avoid my workout to be boring. For me is difficult to find a website where all of the exercises suit me, so I had to find another way. I am spending more time on Instagram because I try to implement all of the ideas that I am learning from my marketing course, so finding exercises from different Instagram accounts actually works for me very well. I can save the posts and categorize them on my phone. It easier to choose an exercise later depends on the workout. Or simply use a workout jar.
  4. Meal plan: While rushing through a week I don’t have time to do grocery shopping and cooking every day. I create a meal plan in the middle of the week and do the shopping at the end of the weekend. Also, I cook most of the meal ahead.


What is your favourite tip to be more organized?

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