Who is your role model?

role model

Most of us say it is a parent, friend, author, actress, businessman or even a motivational guru or certain life coach. I always wanted to be prepared for this question but I still don`t know.

Hm… you know what? Actually, I know the answer: I don`t have a role model. I admire people who have a positive personality, hard worker, strong, and confident and don`t give up on their dreams. These motivate me and that is the point of the role model.

You don`t have to pick up only one name. Why would you? When people are telling who is their idol it always follows by the question of why. Well, I know my whys, but I don’t want to think about only one person. There are so many inspirational chaps out who can motivate you and you can create your own role model to collect all of their good parts. You can pick a certain personality, attitude, problem-solving skills etc. from different people and implement them in yourself.

Well, I constantly do. Take an inspirational part from anything and let it motivates you.

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