Get a fresh air

Happy new year 2020

When? Whenever you need it.

Usually, I know when it is time for some changes. I always have many planners, calendars and highlighters around, I calculate and plan things and think about many different options. I know when it`s time and take steps.

What is needs to happen to change you? Have you ever felt that you became a better version of yourself? What helped you?

I definitely felt and I love my new version. Checking back a few years I am more confident, I know what I want and I do not let people trick or play me. But I have been in a different place before. I know what is like being less confident, without dreams or a positive future picture. You have your own thoughts, opinion and desire but you put yourself in the back seat.

What changed?

One word – London. Seriously. It made me strong,  brave and confident. Or it might have come with an age… ooops, am I old? I might need to consider the latter option, but back to my point…

You always feel when you are not in a good place. It could be a bad job, relationship, a tough place to live or any bad decision. It just doesn`t add up. Something is missing, something is bothering you. Even, trying your best very hard every day, you cannot see any result and your mood is getting low.

Finding out what is the problem is the first step and knowing where to start is the next one. Be honest yourself, what is wrong and where you want to be in the future.

New Years is here and it will be a great opportunity to think about what you want. It is a great opportunity for some brainstorming what could make you feel better or what you need to do to take the right journey.

Changes don’t happen overnight but working on your life deserves your time and effort.

I am wishing everyone a lot of success, health and joy in 2020!

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