Spending Christmas with loved ones

Christmas without family

This is my 5th Christmas not being with my family, staying in London and spending time with my partner and friends.

I have lost a spirit in the last few years when I still lived in Hungary. The expectations bother me. Somehow everything has to be perfect for and during Christmas, nobody can say an angry word, we must love our brothers and sisters and we must be good for a few days.

I reached a point when I found this very dishonest. Why those `rules` state for only 2-3 days? We should be kind to others for the rest of the days as well. I believe it is okay to acting as it is a normal day like any other. And anyway – I remember – something always happened and we ended up in a fight.

After all these years, I became not a huge fan of holidays such as Christmas and Easter, especially when I was a Uni student and tried to memorize thousands of pages of notes and read literature.

But lately… the spirit has been crawling back to me. I am not going mad with deep cleaning, cooking, baking as I hear from everyone to do, but I enjoy planning a Christmas menu with traditional food and delicious cakes and hosting dinner for my friends or being a guest in others` homes.

I prefer to spend time with a pleasant company with who I can be absolutely myself and enjoying delicious food and a few great hours together. One day I might come home for Christmas again, but I don’t feel an urge. I am grateful for my friends and boyfriend to be with.

We should spend our time with and how we enjoy it. Respect yourself to know what the best is for you and stick to it.

What is your Xmas plan?

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