Winter Wonderland – twice this year

It’s cold, it’s crowded, it’s not the cheapest winter program to do but still… once during the winter season, you have to go to Winter Wonderland.

This year I had been there twice – Am I going to be a fan? Hm… haven’t decided yet but it could be really fun visiting it with a friend. At least it’s a chance to hang out together for a few hours and do something different.

Winter Wonderland

The location of Winter Wonderland is reasonable. You can find it in Hyde Park which is the largest park in Central London. It has three entrances, one from the Hyde Park Corner Station, one from Knightsbridge Station and one from Marble Arch so the crowd can split up a bit. However, you still need to wait quite a few minutes in the queue.

At the entrance your bag is checked so be sure you do not have any alcohol or glass with you. Well… 3 years ago, I met a friend before I went in and she gave me a bottle of gin, but nobody realized that, so I could keep it, but be aware of this rule!

The entrance is totally admission free, but you need to pay for attractions you want to try. Most of the stalls use only contactless card, but a few of them accept only cash, so bring some with you. If you forget about it, no worries, you can find ATMs around the park.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The best thing is how many different rides, games, food, clothes and craft stall you can find along the area. You can eat German sausage, Spanish churro, Hungarian Lángos and Chimney Cake. When you are getting cold, go for a delicious mulled wine or a hot chocolate with cream on the top 😉 you can also spice it up with baileys if you wish… (Mulled wine)

Winter Wonderland

Most of the rides are too wild for my stomach, but I could enjoy a scary castle or a roller-coaster. The Hungarian food stall cannot be missed for me and my friends. Usually, we order a Lángos and a Kürtős Kalács (Chimney cake) to take away. (Magyar placc)

You can bravely take a couple of good hours to walk around, have some delicious bite and a festive drink. Go for a ride, shoot a big bear or unicorn and have fun!

Winter Wonderland

If you feel the spirit, you can be a part of it by 5th January. It opens daily from 10am-10pm except 25th December. Get your warm boots and take your friends for some fun.


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