What to buy for Xmas?

What to buy for Christmas?

Christmas is coming and everybody is desperate to find a perfect gift to their loved ones. I like to find personalized gift ideas which I know the person will like it well. Birthdays, Xmas, Anniversaries or for any big event I make an effort to find the right gift. Most of the time I do it very well, but sometimes I just do not have any idea and stress myself out because the clock is ticking.

Lately, I like to give an experience instead of an object. Ticket in a theatre or ship museum, dinner at a new restaurant, a day out in a close city, boat trip, go-karting, Harry Potter Studio – just to name a few, I have done it so far. I value spending time together rather than just give you something and tick off one thing from my to-do list. When everybody is busy and hardly finds a convenient time to sit down and have a nice chat I like to go against this.

I have had my 3rd Anniversary with my boyfriend last week (link) and we went to a Turkish restaurant to eat Meze. We both loved it in Cyprus and wanted to try here as well. We spend an amazing time together and this was much better than buy any gift and getting to forget about it later. We took a few pics in the restaurant which can be placed on the shelf later or create an album with other pics.

Are you clueless about what to buy for Xmas? Do not stress yourself out about this. Whatever you find in the end, the other person will appreciate your intention. And you still have 2 weeks to go. 🙂

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