367 days ago…

I am blogging for a year now.


…I launched my first blog post after three months of planning, information searching and brainstorming. I was in a place where nothing had sense, so I needed to do something. I had a lot of time and I wanted to use it well.

Have you ever had a feeling when you know exactly this is the time? No more excuses, no more time-wasting, no more regret, just actions? Well, I felt something like that. I felt this time must work. I was tired of waiting for the big opportunity.

When you don’t have a chance to do what you really want, create one for yourself. It could be anything, really.

I created a place for myself where I can do what I always wanted to do, writing. Also, it gives me a great opportunity to learn more about marketing and business.

After a year, I am still here, sitting in front of my laptop and writing my weekly posts.

Find your passion, find your journey. Many of my friends are in the same place where I was a year ago. When nothing has sense, you cannot see the future and how you can reach what you really want. It is too far, it is just a dream, it is too much work… You just need to find your passion and working on it every day. Keep it in mind, that one day it will give you a victory that you always dream of. Do your best and take your time. Take your time to find out what the progress is. What is the first thing that you need to start with? Step by step.

I am glad that I found enough courage to start a year ago. I let my circumstances push me towards it and it was a great decision.

One step closer. I am satisfied with my progress so far. There is a lot of area of my passion I understand much better and I am confident about. Every time when I read an article or watch a video a small piece comes to its place and it is priceless.

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