Say yes to an opportunity – Three years together

Say yes to an opportunity - Three years together

My friend – who I lived with – invited me to a Hungarian gig party where I went; even I hardly know the band, but sounded fun. He also invited one of his workmates. We met in our flat for chit-chat and made a journey to the party together. The gig was awesome and the after-party was splendid. We definitely had a great time. The day after he sent me a friend request on Facebook and we started to chat… That’s how it started… 3 years ago…

We have our 3 years anniversary next week and I hardly believe it. I didn’t really want to jump into a relationship at that time. I simply wanted to enjoy my life. Honestly, I had enough from guys and needed a break from any drama. But you cannot really fight against fate. J

3 years… how everything can change because simply someone walks into your life.

We have had so many great memories, holidays, programs, fight, laugh, movies, parties and so on together so far and hope we will have even more!

Say yes to an opportunity - Three years together

Say yes to an opportunity - Three years together

I almost said no this great opportunity that life gave me, just because I had so many bad experiences from my past. Once, one of my friends told me, just because someone treated you badly, it doesn’t mean that the next person will do the same. And how right she was! And this can apply for, I believe – job, friends – any experiences. Just because you experienced something unpleasant, you cannot build walls around you and skip opportunities. Being careful and smart is perfectly fine, you obviously don’t have to believe in everything and everyone. Also, respect yourself to know what is not good for you and walk away from the situations. But, when something great happens, just enjoy it as long as it is good for you. You never know what will be growing from it.

If I say no 3 years ago, I don’t have this amazing man in my life.

Do you say yes to opportunities?

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