Perfectionism or Self-sabotaging

Perfectionism and self-sabotaging

I have read a blog post about self-sabotaging and it made me realize this is what I used to do!

Of course, I didn’t give a phrase to my actions at that time, but I always found a reason not to do something I really wanted to do. I always wanted to do something 100% perfect before I even started or practice it! But this is not possible – I know it now.

I’m a perfectionist and overthinker which is not the best match, but hey, this is what I am. I cannot complain a lot tho, because I have tremendous endurance and I never have to rely on anyone when I want to achieve something. So big thumb up!

Back to my point then…. The last year was a big change for me. I had a trigger point when I jumped in blogging and leave perfection behind me (or tried at least). It doesn’t mean to give up my standard and high expectations, but since then I take it easy when I am learning something new. It was not easy and failed a lot of times and punished myself why I am not doing it right already. Blogging and creating a successful social media presence is new to me, but I am working on it every day to be a master of it. I am far from it but getting better each day. I feel it. And it is okay for me.

Now I can see the bigger picture without being (yet) the best of it. I had to let my perfectionism behind me not holding me back to start something new. Worried about doing right kills the joy, kills the relief when the piece of puzzle finds its way.

Being not perfect, not the best is okay. As long as you are working on to be better and better you are doing wonderful. Feel the baby steps when after learning something in theory you can put it in practice and suddenly like the whole world is yours. You feel the big piece of whatever you are doing just because you get the tiny bit part right.

Don’t forget… Rome was not built in a day. Keep going and let the time work out itself.

Do you do self-sabotaging?

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