How a big city changes you

how a big city can change you

This subject sneaked in my mind when I was exploring Prague in the middle of summer. I started to think about how much I have changed since I moved to London. Despite being happy for all of the good alterations that I can recall, there are a few spots that surprised me.

People are kind. It sounds ridiculous but I tend to forget that people are kind and helpful as they were in Prague and in Cyprus (review part 2) as well. I was not afraid to ask information in return to get a look or a half answer where in the end you are the one who feels ashamed to bother others. People were thoughtful enough to offer some help when they saw we struggled with something.

We were surprised by selfless actions, but not by rudeness. We easily adapted to a situation when a waitress was rude to us at a restaurant. I guess it is normal for me now.

A long weekend was enough to be impressed by how clean Prague was then be disappointed when the next morning got on a bus in London and found rubbish around. Bottles, tissues, chocolate papers, coffee cups – just to name a few.

These small perceptions made me think and realized how easy to get used to bad things but being suspicious receives good. Since then, I try to focus on all the positive things that a big city could give me and not losing my hope in it. Let’s do our best and not follow the negative pattern that others show us. Changes are good but only if they raise us up not bringing down. We cannot be careless just because someone else is. Focus on values that matter to us.

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