How we can understand people and why it’s important

How we can understand people and why it's important2

Have you ever been mad at your friends? Of course, you had been… Let’s be honest, friendship is as the same as any relation – different personalities, dreams, desires, plans, ways of thinking. It is normal to have a disagreement between friends.

I had been angry with my friends lately. They decided to move to Spain a few months ago. They are still in London, but since then I haven’t really heard from them. We always tried to plan a night out but never happened. They were too busy with other stuff… Pf… Who wasn’t? They finished their job months ago and – in my mind – the only thing they had to do is packing. Of course, I didn’t know the small but important details such as they haven’t found a house in Spain yet, they haven’t found a new housemate who will take over their rooms and so on.

How should I know? They didn’t tell me these! I only knew (from my point of view) that they avoid me. I felt down because I knew our days are counted. Of course, I am going to visit them, it will be a great opportunity to explore Alicante, but I badly wanted to have time with them before they jump in the car and start their journey.

Finally, I met with them. It was a great dinner together and I told them how I felt about this whole thing. This was the best thing to do because suddenly I realized how terrified they are! Of course, this woke me up! They have a lot of doubt to give up everything and starting over in a new country. They speak a language and have a few friends in Spain, but still. They haven’t found a house yet, they don’t have jobs yet, everything is in the grey area. They decided the moving date when they are going to jump in the car and just drive, but until then they are just waiting. They would like to be rather there already then wasting time.

So guys, say it out what’s bothering you. The right person won’t be defended by your feelings. They will understand you. And more importantly, you will understand the other person and won’t hold anger towards them.


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