Why asking for help is hard to do?

Why asking for help is hard to do?

Do you keep your promises?

I am a person who keeps her words. I expect the same from others but this is not happening very often. Well… depends on the person. I should be more aware of this, but I tend to forget and assume the best from everyone.

I don’t think believing in people is a problem but after a while, it can be really disappointing. And that’s why I avoid asking favours. Well… I do, but very rarely and mainly when someone else is in a need. When my brother was looking for a job, I tried to remember all of my contacts who might be in a position to know some places where need an extra hand. Also, when my boyfriend needed some information one of the IT courses he was thinking to start his career at, another friend promised to give information about but it never happened…

I happy to ask favours for my loved ones but I have difficulties to ask for myself. I just don’t need it. I am the one in my social circle who does favours to others and everyone can rely on but not who needs helps. Actually, I do need help from now and then, but I try to avoid getting disappointed in someone important for me because they don’t keep what they promised. My best friend is the same, I remember how dissatisfied she was when a friend of hers offered to find a venue for her wedding for a discounted price but after all, she didn’t even ask the owner of the place. And that’s what I do not understand! Why someone has to make empty promises?

I always offer my help without even asking it, but always keep it – talking about help moving houses, lending books, delivering information, attending at birthday parties oh and so many examples! The list is endless!

Is it good or bad?

Not sure… obviously, we chose our friends in many aspects relying on them only one thing. They can have many other great values to be friends with.

For me just easier not to expect a lot when coming to ask help…


So, do you keep your promises? Share your story with us!

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