Thinking about someone from the past

someone from the past

What do you do when you have mixed feelings?

I have been distracted by my feelings lately. I couldn’t figure out what is it. I am not stressed – well… just a healthy way on a daily basis when my bus is delayed and I am on my way to work… Yeah, that’s so annoying but hey this is a disadvantage of a big city! But otherwise, all is good. I am feeling positive about a lot of plans for my future. And still…

I needed to find a reason because of my low mood so I started to think. Then hit me!

I have been thinking about people from my past a lot lately. Friends, soulmates, people with strong connections. I am missing 2 am conversations, intimacy, small secrets, emojis in chat – connections with them. We are not there for each other but would be great to know if I pop in their mind as well from time to time. A song, a pic, a smell reminds me…

There are a few changes in my circle at the moment. Two of my friends are moving to Spain and I haven’t had a chance to meet with them for quite a few months. A friend has been changing in a bad way and I am losing trust in him. A friend is busy with her children and tries to fix her love life. My best friend is living in Hungary and I had the best week with her a few months ago and – simply – missing her. I have old friends with who I found a way back to each other tho. Still, I believe these were the trigger for my confusion.

Things are always moving, we cannot have always the same person in our lives. It is normal, our life and circumstances are changing and we need to leave people behind us and – of course – meet new great people who stay with us for a while. Adjustment. I like this but a bit still sad.

I am happy with my realization, a big stone scrolled down from my shoulder. My feelings are not disappeared just yet, but knowing the reason for them makes it easier. They need a bit more time to let things go.

We can let nostalgia come to us every now and then, but careful how they can affect our short or long term lives! We need to find a reason for every unusual feeling otherwise they can eat us!

Hey! Then heads up! We are doing great! 🙂

You do have mixed feelings lately as well? Find your own reasons 😉

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