How and when do you implement change in your plan?

implement change in plan

My easy answer is when there is a need. But it is not as simple as that… I know that! It is NEVER as easy as it seems!

If you are a little bit like me you know that waiting for something is not our thing! At all! We like planning ahead and like to start working on our plan as soon as possible. Better to say immediately! Oh yeah… and get mad when something is not happening as fast as we would like! We need to work on this tho…

Sometimes I tend to forget I am only human and even I don’t need much sleep and I am able to motivate myself, there are a lot of other things on a daily basis that I need to deal with. Housework, cooking, bank, post office – just to name a few.

I try to remind myself it is a marathon, not a sprint. And this is so true! Writing my blog and trying to make it successful and also its Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook) are time-consuming. For studying the related marketing and even more about also needs time to stuck in mind and have a practical side as well. I am sure your project eats your time as mine does so let’s be a bit more patient with ourselves!


When I am about to lose my mind why I am still not achieved my long-term goals, I look back at the last five years in my life when I packed my stuff I started my life from scratch in a different country. It helps me to see how far I have come already and what have I achieved so far. This throws me back on the loop and helps me to implement changes in my plan.

Coming back from my annual holiday cooled me down a bit. I felt overwhelmed with all of the changes that I had in mind (changes in the blog, list of learning marketing-wise, taking courses or not and many other thoughts). I stepped back a bit and decided to take it easy. Feeling guilty not spending 24/7 on my plans doesn’t mean I am not going in the right direction. Rome wasn’t built in a day either! With the right mindset and invested time, everything will work out at the end.


During these years I had to change my plan and ideas so many times. Life happens around us, we have unforeseen circumstances during a journey. We change our beliefs during years and our experiences help us to reconsider our lives, actions, dreams and future plans. And this is not a bad thing at all! As long as you have a plan, you are a winner of the situation.


So let’s allow ourselves time to succeed! 😉

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