Three weeks break – craziness around

3 weeks break

I need a break. I never let myself lie down and take a break. I would feel guilty. But now…

The last few months were a lot. I was looking for a new staff – actually two; going through hundreds of CVs, making phone calls, organizing interviews… My co-worker went on holiday, so I covered her shifts and ended up working 12 days in a row. I still had to do some shopping for the coming holiday a few days before the departure. I have started shopping 3 months ago just to avoid exactly the same situation such as finding a dress and shoes at the last minute, but it didn’t happen somehow. One of my friends told me a long time ago, I like adrenalin and last minutes feelings. I don’t. Trust me. But sometimes I feel she is right, tho.


I had been working on my blog and Facebook and Instagram a lot and hard, but then I had new ideas and did some changes. Also, I made a list of what I still have to learn which freaked me out. And somehow everything was too much, I started to lose my motivation which almost never happens with me and this was the biggest sign to step back a bit.

I am leaving tomorrow for a 2.5 weeks holiday. I am going to Cyprus with my boyfriend and his family, which is another source of my stress. Then we are going to Hungary to see his friends and we visit my grandma and one of my cousin and her five kids in another city in Hungary. Then traveling to my home town where I have my mom and brother and other friends. At the end of the holiday, one of my best friends has a wedding. That’s the reason I had to find a dress and all of the stuff with it.

At the meantime I still had to deal with some paperwork from my previous job (left the place 5 months ago… so ridiculous…), going to my dentist, buying a few more presents, buying a t-shirt for my boyfriend for the wedding and other boring stuff I don’t want to put on you. You have already seen the craziness around.

So yeah… Amongst these things, I didn’t want to push myself to insert all of my new ideas to my blog before I leave. I have started it last Aug and I have never skipped a post but I will do it now. I need a break. I need time to get my motivation back. My blog is my business which I want to grow and be a master of marketing while I do it. I need time to think about all of the changes I want to put in. I need time to work everything around.

I want to enjoy my holiday and not worried about to post as regularly as I do. I have bought a new book already and I intend to read it during my holiday!

Hey, my friend, meet in mid-September again! 😉

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